French development cooperation

  • Facts and figures

    France almost achieved the objective of 0.5% of GNI in 2010 and hence became one of the world’s leading ODA donors.
    France has given some of the most important G8 commitments in terms of official development (...)

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  • Development cooperation in South Africa

    South African & France, Partners in development
    In recent years, France has become one of the key development partners of South Africa with commitments exceeding 1.8 billion Euros since 1994 objectives . (...)

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  • Decentralised Cooperation in South Africa

    Decentralised cooperation has been recognised by law since 1992 and is supported by the State. Today decentralised cooperation is an institutional and political reality and a reliable aspect of France‘s external (...)

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  • French for professional use

    CPUT is involved in a number of mutually beneficial partnerships with France and recently further cemented ties with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the French Embassy to offer French for Professional purposes at the University.

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