AGing, Innovation & Research Programme: researcher recruitment [fr]

In Nancy, a vibrant city with an eye toward Europe, lying in the French Lorraine region on the borders of Germany and Luxembourg, over 200 researchers and physician-scientists await you. The goal of their research work is to better understand, prevent and treat the increasingly high number of illnesses due to the pathological aging of cells, tissues and organs.

You can enrich these research fields by engaging in the AG.I.R (Aging, Innovation & Research) program, and benefit from a budget of 450,000 euros over 3 years in order that you may develop and manage your own research program with the support of the following teams:

  • the University Hospital Centre of Nancy, one of the top 10 French University Hospitals in clinical research,
  • the University of Lorraine, one of the leading Universities in France,
  • 8 INSERM or CNRS research teams.

If you wish to apply to the AG.IR program, download the AGIR- PROGRAM-file, carefully verify the eligibility criteria and send the required documents with your research program to the address indicated before midnight October 5th, 2014, midnight, Nancy time.

For further information, please visit:

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