Scientific cooperation by research areas

Engineering sciences: the French South African Institute of Technology (F’SATI) was created in 1996 with the assistance of Paris-Ile de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its engineering school ESIEE Paris. It carries out groundbreaking research in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, controls, power and space engineering. Through its cooperation with Paris Ile de France CCI, University Paris-Est Créteil and the Universities of Technology TUT and CPUT, F’SATI participates successfully to the development of capacities in Engineering by offering to future generation of professors, researchers and engineers, international postgraduate programmes. More than 200 students are registered in their Master and Doctorates programmes, leading to an important number of industry collaborations, publications and innovations. On the space field, F’SATI developed and launched successfully in 2013 the first CubeSat satellite for South Africa and Africa, completing the existing cooperation agreement set up by national agencies CNES and SANSA.

F’SATI website

Water management: the long standing partnership existing between South Africa and France in the field of water management led to the implementation of a network of expertise and sets the stage today for the realization of priorities as defined by the South-African government for the country’s development. Local partnerships have been established by CIRAD, CNRS and IRSTEA.


Marine sciences: the joint International laboratory ICEMASA (International Centre for Education, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences over Africa) at UCT, which was created in 2009 and supported on the French side by IRD, UBO, UM2 and CNRS, plays an important regional role in marine science research, regarding its ideal geographic situation, as well as in the training of tomorrow’s African researchers.

ICEMASA website

Research in agronomy : CIRAD’s research activities in South Africa contribute to a better approach on agricultural development issues through its platform Politiques publiques et gouvernance by taking an interest in land redistribution on the continent, public policy efficiency geared towards poorer communities, conflicts that often accompany water management, etc.

As a result of F’SATI’s success, South-Africa and France decided to explore the opportunity of implementing a similar concept for the agricultural sector. This led to the French South African capacity development initiative in Agriculture (F’SAGRI) that was set up and recently hosted (end of 2015) in the Faculty of Science and Agriculture at the University of Fort Hare (Eastern Cape, South Africa). This initiative is intended to build Food Science capacities through Masters and PhD, with a strong focus on the existing knowledge in South African Agri Business. It addresses the complete value chain to include production, processing and provision to the consumer.

Several domains in natural and experimental sciences are the subject of intensive cooperations, in earth sciences, life sciences, mathematics, chemistry, health, environment …

Lastly, Humanities and Social Sciences
IFAS-Research created in 1995, presently develops programmes in paleontology, prehistory, rock art, precolonial history, transnational history, urban and migration studies. Other research centers are particularly interested in the existing links between social and cultural dynamics and subjects of scientific studies: land redistribution, access to markets for small producers, rural development for CIRAD for example; health and education for CNRS-IRD.


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