French Film Festival Launch in Pretoria

On 9 August 2012 the French Season in South Africa celebrated Women’s Day by launching the Pretoria leg of the French Film Festival with a screening of Les adieux à la reine (Farewell my Queen) at the Cinema Nouveau Brooklyn.
The gala event was organised by the Alliance Française of Pretoria and included a question and answer by the Director of Farewell my Queen, Benoit Jacquot. Some members of the audience were keen to quiz the film-maker on the historical accuracy of the movie, which he claimed was as close as it was possible to be.

The French Film Festival in South Africa is an annual event that this year constitutes part of the French Season in South Africa. 2012 marks the 2nd year that the Festival is being held and after a successful year for French Cinema it is fitting that a celebration of the best French films of 2012 can make up part of the French Season in South Africa.
The launch certainly served to spark interest in the French Film Festival and tickets for future showings are now selling fast, anyone interested in seeing one of the films while they are showing should visit

publie le 30/06/2014

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