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The G20 summit starts today in Cannes, France.

The G20 of Heads of State and Government was created at the end of 2008, on the initiative of France and Europe, to provide a coordinated and concerted response to the most serious economic and fi nancial crisis since World War II. At the pioneering Washington Summit in November 2008, the Heads of State and Government agreed on an extraordinary plan of action to prevent the financial system and the global economy from collapsing.

The G20 has become the number one forum for economic policy coordination. Since the end of 2008, it has met on a regular basis : in London in April 2009, Pittsburgh in September 2009, Toronto in June 2010 and in Seoul in November 2010. It will meet for the sixth time on 3 and 4 November 2011 in Cannes. The G20 has become the premier forum for economic and financial cooperation, ensuring strong global growth with more stable and sustainable foundations.

The G20 press kit is available here.

publie le 30/06/2014

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