IRD is recruiting researchers [fr]

The IRD is a French research organisation meeting international challenges related to development in collaboration with partners in developing countries and the French overseas departments. Improving health conditions, understanding societal changes, and protecting the environment and natural resources are among its main concerns.

In 2014, 8 positions are under recruitment by competitive selection (opened to applicants of French or foreign nationality) :

Research Director

Selection n° 1 : Physics and chemistry of the global environment

Selection n° 2 : Biological and medical sciences

Selection n° 3 : Ecologic systems

Selection n° 4 : Human and Social sciences

Research Fellow

Selection n° 5 : « Geologist »

Selection n° 6 : « Health- Environment - Epidemiology »

Selection n° 7 : « Ecologist »

Selection n° 8 : « Environment economist »

Further information:

- Find out the GuideBook, the application files and the job descriptions on the IRD website or contact

- Deadline: 15th of May 2014

publie le 07/01/2016

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