International Centre for Education, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (ICEMASA) [fr]


ICEMASA is a joint venture between several laboratories in the Republic of South Africa and France, focusing on Marine Sciences (marine ecosystems, resources management, physical oceanography, ocean-atmosphere exchanges, biochemistry) over the Southern African coasts and the Southern Ocean through a multidisciplinary approach.

ICEMASA is devoted to three complementary components: research, education and outreach.
It gathers scientists, lecturers, professors, engineers and technicians from South Africa and from several French research institutes and stakeholders.

ICEMASA has been defined working in close collaboration with the African Centre for Climate and Earth Systems Science which:
-  offers educational programmes that include Masters, PhD, Winter schools, conference and workshops
-  coordinates research projects that include computer modelling of the atmosphere and ocean,
-  makes available operational products related to environmental conditions,
-  and provides information concerning future global warming.

For more information, visit ICEMASA website.

Download ICEMASA flyer!

publie le 09/11/2015

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