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In 2014, LANEF is offering grants for Master and PhD students and research chairs in the fields of nanosciences, condensed matter and electrical engineering.

LANEF is a ‘Laboratoire d’Excellence’ that associates five fundamental research labs based in Grenoble: Institut Néel, INAC, G2ELab, LNCMI and LPMMC. It coordinates 740 scientists, engineers, technicians, and 400 PhD students and postdocs, in condensed matter, nanosciences, and electrical engineering.

Chairs of Excellence 2014

LANEF Chair of Excellence Program has been created to attract talented researchers to Grenoble, in order to develop a research project in one of the five laboratories. The program is open to both junior and senior scientists, available for full time or part time position in Grenoble. The contract duration can vary from 9 months (to be split over three years) to 3 years.

LANEF PhD Program

LANEF PhD Program is a three year program to support PhD training of excellent students. The thesis will be prepared in one of the five laboratories on a topic related to their specific fields of research.

LANEF Predoc Program

LANEF is starting a new scholarship program designed to support excellent students who want to do the 2nd year of their Master degree (M2) at the University Joseph Fourier with the goal of pursuing a PhD thesis on a topic developed within one of the 5 LANEF laboratories.
Four €8000 grants are available each year, to cover a 10 month stay starting from September 2014, and including the lab internship.

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