The ENP Graduate Program supports PhD in France [fr] [fr]

This 4-year program is open to students who obtained their last university degree outside France. The first year is devoted to lab rotations within the ENP (Ecole des Neurosciences Paris Ile-de-France) network and the following 3 years to your PhD project. Read more

ENP offers for recruited students

- an administrative support to settle in France and during 4 years.

- a fellowship of 1200 €/month during the first year and a net salary of around 1 800 €/month during the three years of PhD thesis

- an access to top-level research centers and up-to-date techniques

- to meet with renowned researchers

- an excellent research training in english for your PhD project

- the opportunity to discover various ENP labs through lab rotations.

- to meet international students from all over the world

Qualified candidates are invited to apply on
From November 24, 2014 to January 30, 2015.

Further information:

- Find out more about the ENP Graduate Program online or contact directly Laura Peeters.

- ENP is a scientific foundation which aims to promote research and higher education. A network of strong partners and collaborators has been established over the years to help achieve this goal. ENP brings together more than one hundred neuroscience teamslocated in 22 research centers in the Paris region. ENP support allows international young scientists to enter Paris-based neuroscience training, facilities and teams. 

For more information about this call and other scholarship opportunities to study in France, please contact Campus France South Africa at

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