Urgent! Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the MSc Food Identity

The Engineering School in Agronomy of Angers (France) has a bursary for a South African student, to follow the MSc Food Identity, a 2-years master oriented on the concept of Regional Food product: http://www.masterfoodidentity.com

This master is an excellent full-time graduate program, which offers the student the opportunity to study in France, Romania, Spain and Italy. The amount of the bursary is of 48 000€ for 2 years, covering all the expenses of the student: tuition fees, trips, insurance, living expenses…and even courses to learn French during July and August 2015 (the programme begins on September 2015). This bursary is an Erasmus Mundus scholarship, funded by the European Union, and the applicant will not have to pay back the money (please find the terms for the bursary here).

To be eligible, the student has to have at least a Bachelor in Science (Honours and Masters students are also eligible), and a particular interest in the field of study.

This is an urgent request as the interviews have to be done by next Thursday (26 February). Interested students can immediately contact the coordinator of the Master, Dr Philippe Mongondry (p.mongondry@groupe-esa.com), to organize the interview.

In the meantime, they have to submit their application:
-  Go on the OLAGE website: http://olage.groupe-esa.com/ (please ignore the deadlines indicated on the website)
-  Create an account (“Register now” button on the right of the page), then login into your account
-  Click on “fill in your form”. You can now follow the several steps (personal details, academic qualifications, etc. and upload of attachments: photo, CV, career plans, etc.)
-  Once all the forms are filled and mandatory attachments uploaded, you can submit your application.

This is a unique opportunity, don’t hesitate to try your chance!

publie le 07/01/2016

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