The Cooperation and Cultural Action Department

The Cooperation and Cultural Action Department, headed by a Counsellor, includes eight sectors in South Africa: Culture, Science & Technology, French Language, University, Governance, Development, Literature and Research, and two sectors in Southern Africa: Health and Media, Film & Music. To complete this organisation, international technical experts are put at the disposal of South African institutions.

To complete this organisation, 8 international technical experts are put at the disposal of South African institutions.

- The Cultural Attaché is in charge of supporting artistic events in various domains throughout the country, introducing French and Francophone artists in South Africa, promoting South African artists on the international artistic scene and supporting artistic residencies leading to original creations. He is also the director of the French Institute in South Africa (IFAS) in Johannesburg which is composed of IFAS-Culture, the Embassy’s cultural department, IFAS-Research, devoted to research in the field of social sciences, and Dibuka, the French information centre.
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- The Science and Technology Attaché develops bilateral relations in the fields of scientific research, advanced training and technology. He promotes intergovernmental dialogues on these subjects and supports French organisations and companies that are likely to collaborate with South African universities and research centres. He takes part in partnership building and monitors technological and scientific development in South Africa.
Science & Technology between France and South Africa

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- The French Language Attaché promotes and ensures the development of French teaching in the schools and universities of the country, and supports the language classes of the Alliance Française. For quality purposes, he sees to it that teachers can choose adapted initial and in-house training and implement programmes favouring the learning of professional French.
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- The University Cooperation Attaché collaborates with local universities to promote student mobility, and manages the Embassy of France’s bursary programmes for Master’s and PhD studies in France.
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- The Development Cooperation Attaché provides support to French NGOs or local authorities implementing development projects in South Africa. He is in charge of the Civil Society Development Fund (CSDF) which supports projects submitted, after call for proposal, by South African NGOs.
Development & cooperation between France and South Africa

- The Governance Attaché follows up on pan-African institutions. He maintains relationships with South African think tanks and manages the Embassy’s Master and PhD bursary programme for human and social sciences, SAFeThink. He further drafts recommendations for the Embassy’s policy on gender mainstreaming, monitors its implementation and reports on progress.

- The Regional Advisor for Health Cooperation follows up and provides visibility for multilateral financing and international funds in nine countries of Southern Africa. He draws up reports and makes recommendations on projects presented by partners in the entire region. Moreover, he helps to establish partnerships affecting the health sector in the country to which he is attached.
Health cooperation between France and South Africa

- The Regional Attaché for Media, Film and Music strengthens links between France and South Africa in the film, TV, animation and music sectors, as part of our support to the creative industries. He creates opportunities for professionals and companies of both countries in these sectors by enhancing partnerships & co-productions, facilitating access to festivals and markets, supporting capacity building programs, promoting expert and talent exchange. He also promotes French TV content and broadcast in South Africa and in the region.

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